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I got a call today from a number I did not recognize and did not answer it. Even though I am on the Do not call registry, I still get calls from telemarketers. So, I looked up the number on my computer and it was from the TN Lottery. I almost died. I called it back and the lady said she was at the front desk and had no idea who called me. But she said if someone called from there, they would call again later in the day. I got an email from them soon after. I won 2 tickets to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville TN. I actually had forgot about entering this one. I enter so many contests every day, and this was a Facebook contest. I can't wait to get the tickets. Probably won't be able to go, can't get off work. But I think those tickets are pretty hot, so should get some cash outta them. Woo Hoo!!!

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Smile Great win CONGRATS enjoy.

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That is a sweet win!! Just check with the rules and make sure you can do that! Many times the rules say you can't sell, transfer, etc. If it's a physical item, you can probably sell or donate. If you donate, get a receipt. That will help offset any taxes on it (if the value is high enough to pay taxes). On my recent trip to NYC, the tickets were left at the box office.