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Hey everyone, I'm Lauri, and I'm relatively new here. I wanted to do a sort of review on a program I purchased a trial subscription to, called Sweepstakes Ninja. It's relatively expensive, around $30 a month to subscribe, but after less than a week, I've already had 2 small wins. the program is really quite amazing, you download it, then enter your info and save it as your profile. Then you ask Ninja to find sweeps < 492 as of this morning>. You have the option of scrolling through the list and deleting those you aren't interested in, then you click a bar that says " enter all sweepstakes for this profile" and Ninja auto enters you in everything available. You can even add sweeps from other sites. it's pretty cool really. I'll keep you updated on how my trial month goes, but so far it's pretty encouraging.

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A friend of mine told me about that program and I looked it over pretty good. The whole program sounds excellant but after reviewing almost everything I backed out, did not wanna try. I am not saying it's a bad thing I'm just real cheap when it comes to giving out money, you can ask my wife that one, but good luck to ya!

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Big smile I have been using the software for almost 3 years. I have won a full expense paid trip to NYC and I mean all expenses paid. My wife won a nice trip to Lexington Ky too. I have won many many things and it seems something is always 'just showing up' at the front door.

Now the down side. Crazy

It does a miserable job in entering even the simple sweepstakes forms consistently and in almost 50% of the time it fails due to missing the birthday fields, email fields and the state field. These problems are all in the section of the software that enters forms you have copied into the software yourself.

I will continue to use the software but I would change in an instant if there was a competing software that did a better job. The author and owner seems much more interested in putting in things you have to pay more for rather than fixing long existing form filler problems.

If you report a bug or ask a question you might get an answer maybe. Crazy

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thanks for the info..I was unaware this exhisted.. Also...is anyone else having trouble entering your info in the Electrolux sweeps?

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@mv171661: Yes, there have been a few entry forms out of whack like that. For the Electrolux one, I tried hitting submit, but it didn't take since the form is out of alignment, but I was able to tab down and then just hit enter and it took my submission. Hopefully, they'll fix it soon. Sometimes, it helps to let them know. I recently tried to enter a Grand Ole Opry contest and although the rules stated the contest was still going, the submission form said the contest was over. I emailed them and they responded quickly stating they fixed it and they did. You just never know.