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Smile ha, was so awesome to get the email saying congratulations, that I was one of five to win a trip for 2 to St. Maarten!
I LOVE Dr. OZ & was watching one day & it said there was a contest, so you had to watch the show to get the code, and I entered it in online after the show was over..and I WON:)
I take family trips every year & it's been hard for me to afford the last couple of years, so my dad chipped in on my part. This will be a GREAT way to give back to him & take him to a place he'll love..since we both LOVE snorkeling..CAN'T WAIT!! I seriously was doubting it was real at first..pretty crazy, I've signed up for many contests in years past & never won..so I guess it's my time:)

I love this site, it's easy to find good contests to enter & I figure it's a good way to try to win travel on a budget! Just started this after I won..guess I've got the fever now..Smile
Good luck to everyone else!

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That is totally awesome. I love to hear these stories. I love Dr. Oz. If your dad backs out, I'm in. Ha!!! Have a great time.

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Congratulations, that is a great win...

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Wonderful win! Enjoy!

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Laughing out loud congrads and keep on winning Everybody

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Smile thanks

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Wow what a cool win. I keep hoping to win a trip. CONGRATS

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Big smile what a great win. my first win was as a college student...i was living in florida and won a trip to florida...how funny is that?

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WTG great win, keep them coming