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Has anyone else has any problems playing on here? For a couple of days now I keep getting site down for maintainece, it makes it hard for me to do all my sweeps in one day!

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Same thing happening here. I love this site!

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Sad Yep, happening to me too. My only consolation was that no one else on this site was winning either..LOL. I just gave up and took a break for a few days. Also, a warning to be careful about people that join just to post contest or whatever that no one else has listed. I never follow those links. All contests and sweeps listed here need to go through the website.

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Smile I have some troubles but able to enter everyday as it goes down but then backup this site is such a great source all in one place that without it i would miss out on entering many sweepstakes

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Yep, it seems to always hit after midnight with me. I was able to get a few in then it went out I even checked back an hour later an still down.
Many thanks to PEG also I agree with you 101% I would also advise that the others in here read an adhere to what Peg had to say.