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Hey everyone,

I am new to the sweeping buzz. I've entered contests here and there a few times a year, but found this website and realize that people do this on a daily basis. I have no idea why I haven't been doing the same, but I'm here and ready to win.

Here's to day number two and hopefully I'll find reward in my dedication!

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I cant wait!!

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hi everyone
been here about a week now hope to win something soon, congrats to all the winners here

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Hello been here just a little longer than that but remember sometimes it takes a while to win something but if you don't try you will never win anything. I have never won a big prize but a few small ones. I won 4 M&M dispensers with codes from m&m packages. And I think everyone here has won a digetal poster and digetal comics from hersheys avengers contest.

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I'm new here as well and I want to win too.

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2 years ago my husband won Jeep grand cherokee from AAFES but we stationed in overseas so we just sold it then never win anything because I never serious about it now I'm ready to sweep again:)

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I am new here - I have won a couple prizes in sweepstakes over the last 2 months - $100 in a Nielsen sweepstakes and a Brave Wii game in the Disney Brave Sweepstakes, plus an eye shadow with one of my Facebook favorites. It has made me a little more interested in entering sweepstakes so here I am. I don't know if I want to make it an extreme hobby, but I am willing to do entering!

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Come on in theres plenty of room and congrats to the winners. Yep, you don't enter you don't win...

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Smile Welcome all newbies. Great site and everyone here always willing to help when you need it. Good luck to all!