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Does anyone else just want to stop after a while? I lost my drive but I still want to enter everything....how do you guys deal with contest fatigue?

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Well I do get tired of it and then I take a break. I just took a 3 month break because I won a trip to NYC in Feb and it seemed like it was all downhill after that! Ha! My strategy is very different than most people. I skip all FB contest because my friends don't want to read all that junk! I won a trip 10 years ago to Cayman Islands and a year of ice cream treats. I gave all the coupons for ice cream to a soup kitchen so everyone could have ice cream on a summer night. Watching 200 people relish every lick of ice cream was better than any trip. I have also won a bunch of small stuff but I usually give it to the same charity for their auction. I pick about 25-35 contest and try to enter those daily but it doesn't always work out that way so I don't worry about it. I only entered the trip contest I won about 20 times so it's a crap shoot. Just have fun and do some every day. I enter lots of one time contest and about 20 daily, weekly, etc. Hope this helps!

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what a great attitude! I feel the same way...it's a hobby and like the lottery...you have to play to win.

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Wow Peg, thank you for what you do, that's fantastic...I work for a Shriners Hospital and I get to see what people donate and sometimes I'm extremely amazed at some peoples kindness!