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Wow the last 2 days I have won a few little instant win games! I won a coke from Chili's. I won 2 reeses peanut butter cups from the March madness contest. I won a free bag of Oberto Jerky. And I just won a month supply of Dole fruit gel cups!!! Smile I may not have won any big money prizes YET, but I know I won't go hungry. LOL.

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Wow, congratulations those are pretty decent little wins... I'd be real happy with those!

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Smile Great wins CONGRATS.

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I'm enjoying all my little wins. Can't wait to use my movie tickets $26 value. I just received a blanket from Robitussin I wasn't aware that I won and I got $25 ecard from camel, Which I used that to buy a gift card on the internet from a place I shop @ frequently..every now and then a bag of candy comes to the house or a coupon. Keeps ya going for the big win for sure...congrats to all the winners. Party

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WOW! You're soooo lucky.
I envy you! Any tips how to win some?
Thanks in advance Laughing out loud

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