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Puzzled Does everyone get an email from every contest entered and then follow up emails from the sponsors? I always click NO but my mailbox is flooded. I am afraid I wont know when I finally win something.
Any advice or suggestions? Thanks and Good luck to all. AZ

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I have a "junk" email account, so all the spam does not get mixed up with my regual email. That is just an account I created only to enter contests with. You do get tons of junk mail, no matter how many " no thanks" boxes you click. The last contest I won was for a fifty dollar Shell card. The notification was in my junk box. You just have to glance over them before deleting them.

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I do the same thing...have an email account just for contests. I open most all of them in case they are a win.

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When it's a win notification by email, is the title specific enough that you know... like Congratulations. I've been deleting all the mail with sales pitches, or newsletter info in the title without opening them. Am I possibly tossing a win? I get so much it would be hours if I had to open every one and read through it? The only win I've had so far (started in March) was a phone notify so I'm not sure about what to look for when cleaning out my in-box. Thanks. Dais

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I will say from emails & mail just from the companies name, I would know if I had entered one of their contests.

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I've won twice now, and one had "Winner" as the subject line and the other said something about Congrats, needing more info. You also may not be able to tell from the senders email address either. The prize I won from HGTV, the email address had nothing to do with or have HGTV anywhere in it.

I open just the ones that don't have sells pitches, like pp said.

Good luck

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KYmomofmany, what did you win from HGTV? I retired from there a few years ago & waited a full year befor I entered any of their contests. All contest entries & all the datbase information is done by an outside company. As employees, the only contest were ever knew about was the big "win a new home". I never even knew about all the contests they were involved in.

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Hey fellow sweepsster.

I to have the same issue. I have a separate email account not linked to my phone due to the massive junk mail it gets. As someone else stated it would take up hours of my day to look at every email I get. So, I look at the email I set up daily to review the incoming junk and delete it daily. I worry I may be deleting a winner notification.

Good luck to you and everyone else.