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I am trying to think positive and use the principals of the "secret" but no wins yet. How long did it take
my fellow contestors before prizes start rolling in? Are the odds more favorable in some formats? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Aliza

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Wink My suggestion is to just keep at it and it will happen! I have wanted to give up many times, then I will win something that will keep me going for that big one! Sometimes the wins are few and far between but you cant win anything if you dont try!! Good luck!!

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I have to agree with dillpickle, ya don't enter ya don't win! Kinda like the lottery, but the contests are free...

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Im new here and just trying to figure things out.If u dont mind me asking
what is "secret"?

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Big smile and persistance! Big smile

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Ok tk u. I was hoping and easy way to win lol but tks again.

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I started 'seriously' in early March and so far have only won once. It was a nice little trip to a nearby state (all expenses paid (food, events, hotel, but no transportation). I entered because it was within a couple hundred miles of me and figured it wouldn't cost that much to drive it. They told us there were only about 10k entries which made the odds slightly better.

At first I was entering for anything and everything and that quickly became a chore and a bore. Now, I only enter for things I would really love to have or for places I would love to go. I'm back to enjoying it.

Just keep entering. Like others have said, you can't win unless you enter and remember to have fun. It's easy to get burned out so keep in mind that if you don't win this one, another opportunity is just one click away. Best of luck.

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Hi Aliza, I had been sweeping for two and a half months with no wins. I became discouraged and quit. A week later UPS delivered a package. Inside was $1500 worth of skin care products. In the next two weeks I was notified of two more wins and another "surprise" package came. I was hooked. Please don't give up, your turn will come.