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I just won a $95 Official Mexico Soccer League Jersey from a Wrigley's IWG and it was on my first try! Don't know what I will do with it since I'm not a big soccer fan, LOL. Will try to sell. Also just won a swimways light up beach ball from Dole which my kids will love this summer!!! Cool. Smile

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Smile CONGRATS on your wins.

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Does anyone here know what happens if you're entering sweepstakes with an address, then by the time the sweepstakes ends you've moved to a different address and you happen to be a winner in that sweepstakes, where do they mail the prize to???

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Well 3 things...
A) I would contact the company where you won this from
B) if you filled out a change of address form so should get it at your new address
and worst case scenario go to your old post office and talk to them