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Cool My biggest and best win! I won a trip to Cayman Islands several years ago before we could enter online. Funny story..my first big win so I was clueless. Came home one day and found a card that I had a certified letter at post office. Hubby was freaking out. He was just so sure it was bad news from the IRS or something. Ha! Had to look up where the Cayman Island were located..had no idea! Hubby so sure it was a scam that he called our lawyer (brother) who called Edy's Ice Cream. It was valid. They could not honor any dates that we could get a sitter so they turned a trip for 2 into a trip for 4. We had a suite at the best hotel and they added a car and a bunch of other stuff.Dumped the car the 2nd day cuz..as it turns out we are not good at driving on the wrong side on the road in the wrong side of the car. Gave us a year of ice cream treats that we gave to a soup kitchen. It was the best part of the winnings..We are pretty involved there so had a blast handing out a year's worth of ice cream in one night! The day we got back had another certified letter that we won a trip to CA! Bad tax year but 2 trips in 5 months..heaven! Hubby said gonna need a 2nd job to pay taxes. I think the value was $6700.
PS: Pleae be sure to thank the sponsors!! We had someone from the hotel take pics of us writing "Thank You Edy's Ice Cream" in the sand. We framed it and sent it to them. One of our best trips but have won lots of fabulous prizes! We actually sent a gift to Essence Magazine in Feb for my fabulous trip to NYC. They went above and beyond to make that fabulous!