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Hi Peeps.

I have a question.

I use a apple macbook to enter contests. When I type my email the systems asks if I want to auto fill in my info.

Two questions.

1. Will the sites or contests know I am dong this? When I use the auto fill in function the area that are auto filled in always turn yellow. When I manually type in the stuff (name, address...etc) the fields remain white.

2. I enter each of my contest i do so every morning. I have run into a couple that state I have enter already for the "24" hour period. Does anyone know if I am being disqualified for all the entries?


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I dont think they can tell if we use auto fill. i use it, and have for years. some wont let you.

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I really hate the 24 hour sweeps because I,too wonder if I enter on the wrong hour exactly if I will be disqualified. Some do tell you nicely that you already entered and to come back later. I am not sure about auto fill....would love to know.