Woman's World

Enter here for a selection of sweepstakes you can enter daily, from Woman's World Magazine.

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It says I've already enterd today, when I haven't. Just shows a page of prizes which says which ones I am supposed to have entered already, but clearly haven't. I guess they don't want everyone to enter daily after all.

Within 24 hrs

That happens a lot. I think some are timed, and if you try to enter again within a 24-hr period, even though it is the next day, it will say that. Maybe you can try again later in the evening. I know there was a Hallmark one that kept doing that to me.


That's what usually happens if you enter within less that 24 hours, alot of sweepstakes do that, and some even disqualify you if you do. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever won anything on these.

no wins

Haven't won a thing from them and they are way behind in posting the winners of a bunch of their prizes which expired over a month ago. I truly question the validity of their sweeps.

still waiting

I haven't won anything from ww or any of the magazine sweeps though I enter often. SWEEPON is one site where all the magazines owned by same company post the contests......at least there you can enter once for all prizes.